Pool Heat Pump: The Top 5 Benefits

Pool Heat Pump: The Top 5 Benefits

That’s right! It’s time to start thinking about your pool! Spring has sprung and Summer is soon to follow bringing hot days and warmer nights. If you live in the Northeast, those nights might be a little cooler and Summer a little shorter, so why not enjoy your pool as much as you can by taking advantage of a pool heat pump?

Here are our top five benefits that come along with having a pool heat pump.

1. Energy efficiency

Known as one of the most energy-efficient pool heating options available, the heat pump is an “energy sipper” in comparison to other options. While electric heaters will use resistors and gas heaters burn fuel, heat pumps generate heat from ambient air, meaning it harvest heat from the air around it. The tiny amount of energy a heat pump uses to compress and convert is nothing compared to the amount of energy other heating options use.

2. Cost-effectiveness

In the short term, you might be leaning more towards purchasing a gas or electric unit because the initial cost is cheaper, however, with a heat pump you are not paying for the extreme energy consumption that you would be paying for with an electric or gas unit. To compare, for the average size swimming pool, a gas heater can range from $300-500 per month and the price for running an electric unit ranges from $500-600 a month. At peak running times, you will only be paying $50-150 a month with a heat pump.

3. Eco-Friendly

When you use a gas heater you are relying on combustion of the fuel. They continually burn gas in order to produce heat. This process comes with environmental consequences by emitting CO2 that destroys our ozone layer. A heat pump, however, does not burn anything and pull minimal electricity to harvest ambient air, and produces zero CO2 emissions.

4. Durability

Like any investment, you want your pool and all of its moving parts to last for years to come. Gas and electric heaters will only allow for 5-10 years max of usage and any repairs you might need on them will break the bank. A heat pump is built with longevity in mind and at a minimum will last 10-20 years, and with proper maintenance can last even longer.

5. Repair and assistance

If and when your heat pump needs maintenance or repairs, help is abundantly available. It’s easy for us to solve any problems within a few quick questions and a simple inspection.

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