Does My Furnace Really Need an Annual Inspection?

August is here and so thoughts of the cooler months coming up is on our minds.  We are often asked if it is really necessary to have an annual furnace inspection.  It is often a homeowner misconception that this only entails us vacuuming your furnace unit out and giving it a quick glance over.  We are here to dispel the myth and help you see what it is we do when we show up for your annual inspection and what this will do for you in the long run!

Do I really need an annual inspection for my furnace?

In short, yes.  You wouldn’t buy a car and not change the spark plugs or change the oil, would you?  This would lead to disaster for your car very quickly.  The same goes for your furnace.  Here in upstate NY, we only really use our furnaces in the late fall, winter and early spring.  However, in those months, this underappreciated and often unloved feature of your home is working as hard as it can to keep you and your family warm.  So having this annual inspection will ensure that it is working at peak performance and is at the ready the moment you need to flip that switch on and add some heat to your home.

Secondly, the furnace manufacturers all recommend that you have this annual inspection done and often have language in the warranties that state that if regular maintenance is not done, they will not cover the damage to the unit.  This can leave you in the cold and with a pretty hefty bill when you need the heating the most!

What does my HVAC technician actually DO for this annual inspection?

What we offer for this annual inspection is not comparable to other services in the area.  We make sure that you are aware of exactly what you are paying for before you pay for it!  So with that in mind, we can only speak to what we offer.  As you already know, this is no $29 Groupon deal.  But, there is good reason for that.  Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for”?  That applies to what we are offering you.  You can expect that we will:

  • Check the venting system for blockages and leaks
  • Analyze the combustion gas and compare it to your units specifications
  • Make sure the blower access door has a tight seal at the furnace
  • Check the air intake grills and louvers for any blockage
  • Inspect the heat exchange for rust or corrosion
  • Check the burners for proper ignition, flame and flame sense
  • Check the drainage system for blockage or leakage including the internal hoses to the furnace.  Clean the condensation trap and replacement of water in the trap
  • Check and clean the blower wheel (to include the complete removal of blower wheel in the event of necessary cleaning)
  • Amp-draw test on the blower motor and compare to unit specifications
  • Checking the wiring for corrosion or damage
  • Check the filters (however, this should be done more than once a year)

But can’t the homeowner do this?

The home owner could do this IF they are  knowledgeable to complete all tasks listed above AND are HVAC specialists.  We are highly trained and at Adirondack Heat Pumps we spend a lot of time getting to know the products that we service so you can rest easy knowing that you have hired the best in the area to handle this process.

Do I really need to pay a professional $80-$150 to come do this every year?

In our opinion, yes.  This is the best money you will invest in the peace of mind you will receive from this service.  When you consider on the low end, $80 barely covers our cost to make the trip to do this inspection, the money you spend is well worth both our time and the sound operation of your furnace when you need it.  This is not just about the safety of your furnace but also preventative maintenance as well.  Wouldn’t you rater spend a small amount now to detect a potential problem and have it fixed than be without heat when you need it and have a HUGE bill to pay?  Emergency rates will end up costing you much more than the fee for us to come and do the inspection for you now.

If you are ready to schedule your annual inspection be sure to contact us today!  If you want to know what other services we offer, click here!