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Air conditioning

This is the room where we tend to spend a lot of our time – entertaining family and friends or just unwinding in front of the TV – and want to feel comfortable regardless of the time of the year or the weather outside. And that’s where an air conditioner comes into play!

There are a few important factors to consider when selecting the AC unit for your living room and we have them right here!


Naturally, when spending time with friends and family in an entertainment area such as the living room, the last thing that you want is a noisy aircon which drowns out the conversation.

While there’s no easy way to test noise levels before purchasing an AC unit, noise levels (measured in decibels (dB)) should be included in the product specifications of the AC unit that you’re interested in.

Air conditioning

When checking these specs, there are usually two numbers – one that indicates the noise that a unit makes inside the home and another that refers to the exterior noise. Today’s split systems should be no louder than 35 dB and we offer a dB rating as low as 22 dB on the Avanti PLUS® series 5.0 kW model, a great option for a medium sized room, – that’s only 2 dB more than the sound of a whisper!

Detailed product specifications for each MHI AC model (including its dB rating) can be viewed on the product model page on our website. You can also check these specifications with your dealer to make sure.


We’ve spoken about the different AC type options for your home in a recent blog (you can read it HERE), but If you only are looking for an AC unit for your living room, the most popular choice is a single split system. These come in a variety of indoor unit options with the most popular being the wall mounted ones. They’re attached high on the wall and are typically easier to install, without the need for redecoration.

Floor standing units and ceiling concealed units are however also an option.


Another important factor that can’t be overlooked is your living room’s size and layout.  Many modern Australian homes have moved towards large, open plan living areas and this may increase the required heating and cooling capacity of your air conditioner. If your lounge room is also located close to your kitchen you will also need to consider the amount of heat being generated in the kitchen as this will also impact the required air conditioning. To read more on factors that impact your AC requirements click HERE.

When choosing an AC unit, it’s better to opt for a slightly bigger capacity unit but it’s important not to go over the required capacity too much. For instance, if you decide that a 6kW is what is needed in your living room then it’s advised to select an AC unit with a rated cooling capacity of between 6 and 6.5kW, here our 6.3kW Bronte® series would be the perfect solution!

Remember: This slight increase in capacity means that you still have a little bit of extra to play with just in case.


Now make sure you select the best AC unit to keep the party going and the conversation flowing.

To find the perfect AC unit for your living room, choose a qualified installer who can help to analyse all these factors and help you select the perfect fit for your lifestyle.  For some tips on what to look out for in AC installer  – read our blog ‘Why you should care about hiring a licensed AC installer‘.

Why not browse our website and then contact your nearest  MHI dealer to best assist!