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For some guys, the man cave revolves around the TV for binge-watching movies, putting on the big game or kicking back to watch a favorite prime-time sitcom. For others, a workout bench, guitar or bookshelf takes center stage. Wherever your interest lies, the man cave is your place to indulge without interruption.
As you destress in a man cave, your comfort should be hassle-free. That’s where a high-performance, ductless mini-split heating and air-conditioning system can make all the difference.

Mini-split, maximum comfort

Mini-split systems use just a few main components: an outdoor compressor connected to an indoor unit via small refrigerant lines, as well as integrated, user-friendly controls. Because mini-splits pair the outdoor and indoor units in a one-to-one configuration, they’re ideal if your man cave is part of a home addition or in a previously unfinished area, such as a basement or attic. You’ll have high-performance, customizable comfort with no strain on your existing system.

With a ductless mini-split system there’s no need to stress about tying into existing ductwork or disrupting your home’s interior design. Indoor ductless units are available in several design-friendly options, including wall-mountedfloor-mounted and ceiling-recessed. Our EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette, for instance, fits seamlessly into standard 16-inch ceiling joists, eliminating the need for additional construction considerations.

Calling all tech lovers

Mini-split systems from Mitsubishi Electric operate using INVERTER-driven compressor technology. The units use only the exact amount of energy needed to heat or cool a space by running continuously and adjusting their output to meet temperature setpoints and occupant demand. Since your man cave is a comfort zone, you can set the temperature as high or low as you prefer, with no worries about affecting comfort across the rest of the house. You also have the option to turn the unit off altogether if you’re out of town or just not giving the room a lot of use.

With our integrated smart controls, including our kumo cloud® smartphone app, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can turn your unit back on and set your temperature from afar. Your man cave will be at your ideal temperature by the time you hit the sofa.

Indoor units equipped with 3D i-see Sensor™ technology continuously scan the thermal profile of a space and adjust temperature and airflow to keep occupants comfortable. Picture this: you have a big group of buddies over to watch the big game. Extra body heat aside, there’s cheering, celebratory dance moves, boxes of hot pizza — clearly a recipe for an uncomfortably hot room. i-see Sensor technology will recognize the room’s elevated temperature and automatically adjust the conditioning before. Not to mention, our units’ whisper-quiet sound levels will never run interference on your game-day experience.

If your man cave is located in a part of the home that was previously unfinished, such as your basement or attic, you might be concerned about how your system will stand up to extreme cold or heat. For cold climate applications, units using our Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology perform at 100 percent of rated capacity in temperatures as low as 5∞ F, with continued operation down to -13∞ F. Select units featuring H2i plus™ technology deliver performance at 100 percent capacity down to -5∞ F.

We also have a solution for when extreme heat and humidity hit. Units offer dehumidification benefits when in air-conditioning mode. Leaving them running in Dry Mode helps keep your indoor environment comfortable and ready to use.


Home gym, library, virtual box seats for your favorite team. Your man cave may serve various purposes, but with a Mitsubishi Electric mini-split system, the one constant is reliable, customizable comfort.


Man Cave Mitsubishi