Adirondack Heat Pumps wants to help you unlock the full potential of your heating and cooling system. Heat pumps deliver peak comfort and energy savings, but there are a few key things to know for smooth operation in our unique climate. Dive in and maximize your home’s efficiency and coziness!

1. Mode Management: More Than Meets the Eye

Modern heat pumps aren’t just for heating or AC. Let’s unlock their hidden talents:

  • Humidity Control: Banish muggy days with Dry Mode, keeping you comfortable without blasting the air conditioner.
  • Auto Mode Magic: Ideal for our unpredictable weather, where temps shift quickly. However, milder Adirondack days can confuse Auto Mode – switch to manual control for those scenarios.

2. Defrost: Not a Glitch, It’s a Feature!

When the mercury drops (below 40°F), your heat pump will periodically defrost to clear ice buildup outdoors. A bit noisy? Maybe some steam? Perfectly normal – this essential cycle keeps your system humming along.

3. Finding Your Fan Speed Zen

“Auto” is generally the most efficient fan speed, letting the system optimize itself. But to banish those uneven room temps, feel free to play with manual settings.

4. Decoding Your Comfort Number

Don’t be fooled! Heat pump thermostats differ from what you’re used to. That “comfort number” is all about how you feel, not the exact temperature. Tinker until you find your personal happy place.

5. Steady Wins the Race: Avoid the Thermostat Tango

Heat pumps are at their best holding a steady temperature. Resist the urge to constantly change it – you’ll waste energy. Minor adjustments (3 degrees max) are fine for nighttime or when you’re out.

6. Backup Buddies: Know Your System’s Sidekick

Extreme Adirondack cold might trigger your heat pump’s backup heat. This could be a furnace, electric system, or something else. Be in-the-know by checking with your installer.

7. Taming the Weather Beast

Brutal winters call for extra vigilance! Ask your Adirondack Heat Pumps pros about keeping your heat pump safe during ice storms or heavy snowfall. Clearing away snow may be part of the job.

8. Breathe Easy: Filter Care is Key

Clean or replace your indoor air filter as recommended (don’t guess – ask your installer!). Dirty filters throttle airflow, making your heat pump work harder than needed.

9. New Sounds, New System

Expect your heat pump to sound a bit different than your old furnace or AC. But if a noise seems to get WORSE over time, it’s time to call the pros.

10. The Owner’s Manual: Your Secret Weapon

Dig in! It’s got all the juicy details on features, maintenance, and those warranty terms. Knowing your system inside-out equals long-term success.

Adirondack Heat Pumps: Your Partner in Year-Round Comfort

Need advice or a tune-up? We’re here to help you make the most of your heat pump investment. Contact us today!