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Slide Tiny Home In the last decade, tiny homes have gone from being a fun novelty to a viable living option. Contact Us
Particularly for millennials ready to purchase their first home, these tiny dwellings have become more attractive as a smaller footprint and minimal furnishings foster sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Of course, people of all ages enjoy tiny homes and have found them ideal for various purposes, including vacation rentals, glamping and additional housing for guests. That said, the novelty of “tiny home magic” wears off quickly if they’re not comfortable. Due to their small size, air circulation is incredibly important. They can also get very cold in the wintertime if not equipped with a proper heating system.

Mini-Split performance and operation

Are Mitsubishi Heat Pumps the Best?

Mini-split systems can be set up in a one-to-one configuration, with small refrigerant lines connecting an indoor unit to an outdoor condensing unit. And without the need for ductwork, these systems can be installed quickly, in just a day, and are available in ductless wall-mountedfloor-mounted and ceiling cassette styles. Their efficient operation makes them a standout for these applications particularly if your tiny home is used irregularly or is rented out between guests. Equipped with an INVERTER-driven compressor, the system only uses the precise amount of energy needed to reach the preferred temperature set point. When conditioning isn’t needed for a time — say you’re headed out for a day-long hike — you can set the system back or completely shut off the indoor unit. This provides total comfort for the home while ensuring you’re not breaking the bank on energy costs.

If your tiny home resides in a cold-weather climate, Mitsubishi Electric offers mini-split heat pump systems equipped with Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology! Designed to perform in extreme weather, these units can provide up to 100 percent of rated heating capacity at 5° F and continue operation down to -13° F even without auxiliary heat. Select units equipped with our H2i plus™ technology can deliver up to 100 percent heating capacity down to -5° F. Winter weather will no longer deter you from enjoying your tiny home!

Compared to common heating alternatives for tiny homes, which include space heaters, pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves, these heat pump systems are also a safer, more efficient option and more sustainable choice. With no need to run a gas line, our zero emissions heat pumps run entirely off of electricity.

Mini-Split performance and operation

One of the best parts about tiny home living (or renting) is the ambiance you have with nature and your surroundings. Heating and air conditioning can enhance the atmosphere or even distract from your experience if the system’s noisy or uncomfortable. Our ductless mini-split styles are ultra-quiet and can adjust air flow to your preferences

For example, Corbett Lunsford, an advocate for tiny homes, took his tiny home on wheels across the country to highlight how these dwellings are an efficient, sustainable and comfortable housing option. During his tour of the country, he had the opportunity to stay in a variety of climates. Equipped with Zoned Comfort Solutions, Lunsford’s home was comfortable in any environment.

“My house is a pleasure to live in. The Mitsubishi Electric system has been awesome at conditioning our three rooms. I love that you can have the left/right and up/down vanes set to whatever you want,” said Lunsford. “We’re in the process of exposing the house to every single climate in the country. It’s had to deal with a lot more stress than normal houses. Heat waves, cold waves, humidity — and it’s dealt with it really well.”


Whether you’re in the market for a tiny home, completing a renovation or simply want to fix a hot or cold spot, Mitsubishi Electric has the heating and air-conditioning solution for you!