Did you know that the first air conditioners used in the early 1900’s operated utilizing ice?  It is easy to see that things have changed drastically since then.  Firstly, modern air conditioners use refrigerant instead of ice.  And that is just the start.  Things have continued to evolve over the years with advances in technology and regulation changes as well.  Here are a few more advances:


The standards in efficiency in the early 2000s were considerably lower than they were now.  You see, back then the minimum standard was 10 SEER rating.  In 2006 alone, the SEER rating was raised from 10 SEER to a minimum of 13 SEER.  Since then, the minimum standard has only gone up.  Now, minimum efficiency standards vary from region to region.  Take, for instance, the standards in the Southern region of the United States.  These standards are set for higher efficiency because the demand on these units is higher.  In the Northern region, the standards are lower because the demand is lower.

Greater Home Comfort

Technological advances have made the standard in home comfort much more attainable than ever before.  Today’s air conditioners have technological advances such as variable-speed motors, swept-wing fan blades, modulating technology and more.   And when you couple those advances with a zoning system and/or a smart thermostat and you can be sure that you are enjoying the ultimate comfort that meets your unique standards.

Quiet Operation

With all of the advances that have been made in the air conditioner, engineers have made it possible for modern air conditioners to operate at a much lower noise level.  For example, today’s air conditioners will ramp up to speed in stages instead of abrupt on and off cycles.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are getting smarter and smarter as our understanding of what technology is able to accomplish.  These thermostats run the gamut of the most simple digital thermostat that allows you to set your desired temperature to programmable models that you can even control with your phone or tablet.  These more advanced models allow you to raise or lower your desired temperature even if you are not at home!

Selection of Professionals

We would be remiss if we did not mention that you have a greater selection of highly trained professionals to choose from to install your air conditioner and to help you maintain it after installation.  The internet has made it even more possible to find the best professional in the area as opposed to only having one or two in the immediate area.  Plus, the advantage you have now is that you can find reviews all over the place so you never have to guess who you are allowing into your home to help you maintain your heating and cooling needs.